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Queen Of The Colosseum – Celine Dion Talks About Performing In Las Vegas

Sometimes, it ‘s simply referred to as the “THE HOUSE THAT CELINE BUILT.” And rightfully so. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace opened in 2003 with Celine Dion as its first resident performer.
Thirteen years, and soon-to-be 1,000 shows later, she’s still packing the house, as fans from across the globe come to see her perform in the 4,298-seat theater that was originally constructed for her show, A New Day….

Caesars Palace is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. You’ve been there since 2003. What’s it like performing there after all these years?

I remember vividly arriving in this beautiful new theater in 2003. It was a rich and wonderful experience indeed. And definitely A New Day… for me!

What’s it like being part of the Caesars family?
Caesars is truly part of my professional family. And, as it goes with family relations, it’s dear to my heart.

You’re approaching your 1,000th performance at The Colosseum. How does that feel?

I never thought we would reach this milestone. I truly enjoy being onstage. For me, performing is about having a good time with my fans, the musicians and crew.

Do you remember your first performance at The Colosseum? Prior to that, did you perform at Circus Maximus?

Yes, I performed at Circus Maximus back in 1996. It turned out to be a good omen and the beginning of a wonderful experience.

The Center for Business and Economic Development has said your influence in Las Vegas is bigger than that of Elvis, Sinatra and Liberace combined! What’s your reaction?

I’m very honored and proud to be a part of this community. To have the privilege to do what I love most in an ideal environment, surrounded by people who love me enough to travel here, thrusting their affection and support, show after show.

So many entertainers have followed your lead. Cher, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Shania Twain, Britney Spears and others. Why do you think stars are attracted to today’s Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has become the entertainment capital of the world. It is quite normal that artists wish to come here to perform.

Do you have any superstitions preparing for a show?

We had Rene’s hand [cast] in bronze many years ago. And today, it has become a tradition to touch it before going onstage.

Celine Dion and late husband Rene-Charles You gave a very emotional performance when you returned to the stage on February 23. Was it difficult? What was going through your mind?

It was a very emotional night. I had to sing for the first time without [Rene’s] presence—my mentor, my love. But I knew he was watching over me.

How many more years do you see yourself performing?

I never think about that. I hope to sing as long as I breathe. I have been singing all my life, since childhood, and I don’t see myself retiring or not performing. It’s what I love to do.

You often joke about singing “My Heart Will Go On.” What are your feelings toward the song today?

It’s a classic and people want to hear it. I was very fortunate to have James Horner and Will Jennings give me the opportunity to sing their masterpiece.

The twins are turning six this year. Do you feel they’re growing up fast? Yes! I believe that all parents think the same.

And Rene-Charles is 15. Are you ready for the teenage years? Is any parent ready for that? Really? But Rene-Charles is a very good son. So like all parents, I always hope for the best. But let’s say, we’re off to a very good start!

About The Author

Ryan Slattery grew up in Boston. It wasn’t until he moved to Las Vegas in 2003 that the city’s sports teams started winning championships—eight since he left. Now, he’s only allowed back to visit. Ryan is the managing editor of Vegas Player magazine and also writes about travel, entertainment and dining for a number of national publications.

19 Responses

  1. Donna

    Your a fantastic singer. Really wished you’d come to England and perform. My goal in life is to see you in concert somewhere.

  2. Barbara Baselice

    You are the greatest .My ringtone is My Heart Will Go On I play it and all my husbands favorite songs that you sing Makes me feel close to him Hope to come to Vegas after the summer God Bless you and your family

  3. Kristine McKenzie

    Hi Donna – Come to Vegas and check out Celine’s show at The Colosseum:

  4. Celine, tu est mon artiste prefere, il m’arrive souvent sur le sont de tes chansons parce que je croit en toi et en l’amour que tu avait pour ton mari Rene .Mais pour moi il m’est impossible de pouvoir te voir parce que je n’ai pas les sous et que je suis malade Mais je me suis promis qque je toucherait avant de mourir . Je t’aime tellement tu estune personne tres inportante pour moi . Alors lorque tu chanteras dit toi que je t’ecoute sans etre la .Tu est forte et une bonne maman je ‘aime beaucoup . Louise

  5. Lyn Heikell

    I am so excited to be coming to see the fabulous and beautiful Celine on Sep 21st.. All the way from New Zealand!! I can’t wait … Soooo happy to get this as a birthday present!!

  6. Elvis

    I have loved every song Celine has ever sung she is a wonderfull person and brings happiness to every one who hears her sing we all hope Celine goes on for years thank you Celine xx

  7. Celeste Santillan

    Celine you are my most FAVORITE IDOL/SINGER, my daughter who is 18yrs old now, had waited almost two years for a heart transplant and on 6/7/16 she received one, thank God and the donor’s family, there’s so many times I’ve wanted to write to you and send it to several people in hopes it would somehow get to you, because although it’s a different situation, I was losing faith because it was taking so long, and I thought I was going to lose my daughter before a heart became available, your songs somehow got me thru my rough times, and although she gets to get a WISH thru the Make A Wish foundation, I SOOOOOOOOO wished that I would be able to make a wish because not only was she going thru this, I was right there with her thru it all, and my 1 and ONLY WISH other than a heart for my baby girl, was to MEET YOU!!!! I listen to your songs EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I pray you somehow get to read this, I also want to say you helped me regain my faith in how you dealt and ARE dealing with the passing of your husband, I loved him too, and was so saddened to hear of his passing. Love you so much… Celeste

  8. Beverly Thomas

    I am very lucky to work at the Colosseum and have been there for 13 years. Celine is so gracious and lovely. Her show is so good and if anyone who has seen it they always say how much they love it.

  9. balde

    your love story and achivements deserves a movie…

  10. Do you know what is the exact date of the 1000th show? I’d love to be there!

  11. Allison Duck

    Hi Clare,

    Celine’s 1,000th show is scheduled for Saturday, October 8. Here’s the link to find more information about tickets: clv_shows_celinedion

    We hope you get to see Celine soon!


  12. Roland

    I’ve seen Celine Dion 3 times in Las Vegas and have enjoyed her performance each time ! Have souvenir shirts from her shows. Will be going back October 28 and was heartbroken since she won’t be on?.
    But, believe you me, I will return to see her again!

    Love me some Goddess Dion!

  13. Allison Duck

    Hi Roland,

    It’s time to start planning your next trip! 🙂 Celine has extended her contract through 2019 so you’ll have plenty of chances to see her! Check out this link for more information on upcoming dates: clv_shows_celinedion

    Have fun on your upcoming trip!


  14. Carol Cella

    I saw Celine last year on one of my Vegas trips. She is by far the best entertainer and most sincere entertainer in the business today and for all time. Celine is class and refinement, a truly model person for anyone to look up to and admire.

    Best of luck, health and wealth, Celine, you deserve everything God gives you in life. I know your heartache, I lost my husband 3 years ago and have not gotten beyond the loss and I never will. I will be married to him until the day I die.


  15. James

    Your heart will go on…

  16. We are coming to vegas in Feb. , will be seeing Celine on the fourth. My husband gave me the ticket for Christmas. I have seen her 2 other times and she is always fantastic . I have never seen an artist that sings so much from her heart and always pleases the fans. Such a beautiful soul.
    Much love to you and your family.

  17. Michele

    I wrote to Celine 8 years ago when my son was getting married and invited her to his wedding as a surprise to both him and his wife, never though I would get an answer, but I did. I cherish that letter and off course she did not come, but the letter will be with me always. My sincere condolences go out to her and her children on the loss of her husband Rene’s passing.
    I wish she would come to NJ and sing so I could thank her in person for the wonderful letter she sent,
    Thank you for such a wonderful voice and keep singing those beautiful songs that you do.
    A fan always
    Michele Babij

  18. Celine–
    As a music lover of almost every genre, I hold your music and voice on a pedestal! I’ve followed you for decades and truly enjoyed every recording, show, interview that I’ve ever seen. My husband and I have seen your show at Ceasers, I was blown away. Of all the shows, concerts I’ve attended, yours is by far #1!!
    The shows are so classy, beautiful, choreographed to perfection, and the accustics are the absolute best.
    I pray I’ll make it to Vegas again, which I love, to see another show. WHAT A TREAT it will be!! We are in our 60’s, which is the new young, don’t travel as much, but I’m delighted to see your extended contract. My heart goes out to you and your lovely family, we so appreciate the time they forfeit for your fabulous career. As well, my condolences in the loss of your mentor and husband. What a fabulous fairy tale you truly are. Thanks for hours of enjoyable music.

  19. Jeff Nelson

    Celine, my wife Pat and I are so grateful that you are continuing to entertain so many with your talents after losing Rene. We purchased tickets for your October 5 show many months ago and planned a Las Vegas trip around this show next week as part of celebrating our 50th year of marriage. We have been fortunate both of us to survive bouts with cancer, heart disease, and several orthopedic surgeries to get this far. We are retired but are active in community service and take time to enjoy each other, our two wonderful children, and five beautiful grandchildren. ‘Our hearts go on’, in part with inspiration from you and your loving staff and family. Our best wishes to you, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

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