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Under The Neon Moon: Reba, Brooks And Dunn

It's Vegas, baby!

Reba, Kix Brooks, and Ronnie Dunn have traveled the world together, both touring and on family vacations. These days, they’re spending more time in Las Vegas performing at Caesars Place — where the days are long, the nights are longer, and the “Neon Moon” shines just a little bit brighter. Here, they share their thoughts on our city.

Concert Dates

December 1-2, 4, 6-9, 11-12

What do you love about Las Vegas?

Reba: I love all the great shows you can only watch in Las Vegas. There are also a wide variety of restaurants to visit.
Brooks: For starters, the energy is indescribable. Everyone here is going to have the party of their lives for three days they’re in town. And there is every kind of entertainment you can think of, all at the highest level.
Dunn: She plays to win. Her lights are always on.

What Vegas stereotype isn’t true?

Reba: Las Vegas is only for adults. Not true! My kids and grandkids have a blast here.
Brooks: People seem to believe that it’s only Elvis impersonators and lounge singers— but that couldn’t be more wrong.
Dunn: Today’s Las Vegas is not yesterday’s Las Vegas.

Favorite Place to eat?

Reba: I love to meet friends at Rao’s in Caesars Palace because of the great atmosphere and wonderful food. I also love lunch at Spago; or if you’re really hungry, you can stop at Carmine’s for family-style eating.
Brooks: One of my favorite places, hands down, has to be Old Homestead Steakhouse at Caesars. I always indulge in the Gotham Ribeye and Lobster Mac & Cheese.
Dunn: I haven’t been to a bad restaurant yet. You really can’t go wrong.

Describe your Vegas show in less than five words.

Reba: It’s an emotional roller coaster.
Brooks: Fun. Memories. Friends. Hits.
Dunn: ‘Play Something Country!’

Finish this sentence. Without music I would be…

Reba: Very boring.
Brooks: A rocket scientist? Hmm, maybe not. Looking for a job?
Dunn: Running NASA.

Catch Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together In Vegas by purchasing tickets at the Caesars Palace box office by calling 866-320-9763, or online at Follow on social media @caesarspalace.

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Ryan Slattery grew up in Boston. It wasn’t until he moved to Las Vegas in 2003 that the city’s sports teams started winning championships—eight since he left. Now, he’s only allowed back to visit. Ryan is the managing editor of Vegas Player magazine and also writes about travel, entertainment and dining for a number of national publications.

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